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Oct 23, 2021

 As we said in a previous episode, there’s a notion that geeks are unfit and have unhealthy habits. Hopefully, you learned a lot about fitness in that episode, and today we’ll be talking more about the food and cooking side of staying healthy both physically and even culturally. So without further ado, here’s NomNom! Cooking with Geeks!


00:00:15 Intro

00:00:24 Importance of Having Cooking Skills

00:11:34 If You Eat Pork You Know What A Human Tastes Like?!

00:13:20 Our Relationship With Food

00:17:32 Joe: “What Is My Instagram?!”

00:22:15 Eating Out vs. Eating In: How Often During A Pandemic?

00:40:45 Cooking Food From Our Cultural Background.  Important?

00:48:45 Good Ways To Start Cooking

01:04:16 Outro

References Joe’s Instagram with lotsa Food Pics

Flawless, Effortless, Slow-Roasted Salmon

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