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Nov 22, 2021

As geeks, we enjoy all kinds of entertainment. But at Geeks Represent, we especially value stories told from the perspectives of people of all kinds of races and cultures. We feel it’s incredibly important to not only have these stories told with sincerity but to tell them well through accurate portrayals of people of color. This is why it’s especially disheartening when instead of taking the opportunity to portray these characters as they were meant to be portrayed, they’re instead miscast with white actors. So without further ado, let’s talk about racebending and whitewashing in Hollywood.

Geeks Represent will be taking a small break to prepare for the holiday season. We will see you in 2022!


00:00:13 Intro

00:00:50 Defining Racebending and Whitewashing and Why It Can Be Problematic

00:07:22 There Is No Last Airbender In Ba Sing Se

00:34:48 Iron Fist Is Basically A Crappier Batman Begins

00:35:50 Instances Where Racebending Can Make Sense

00:54:07 Casting People of Mixed Heritage/Importance of Mixed Representation

01:03:57 Racebending In Voice Acting

01:11:24 Conclusion

References The Last Dragon 47 Ronin Deadpool 2 Altered Carbon Fantastic Four (2015) Iron Man 3 Doctor Strange Iron Fist Crazy Rich Asians The Wheel of Time Ghost in the Shell (Anime)